NJA: Under Their Wing

Vancouver is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with a booming real estate market. However, with so many real estate companies competing for attention, it can be difficult for buyers and sellers to know who to trust.  My clients were in need of a visual identity that would reflect their commitment to excellence and convey the message that they are a team you can rely on.

After considering a variety of options, the clients chose a design that is both elegant and eye catching. The clean lines and bold colour palette are designed to make the NJA brand stand out from its competition. The use of a hand drawn wing illustration helps convey the idea that as Realtors, they take their clients under their wing because even at the best of times, the highs and lows of the real estate market can feel like an emotional roller coaster. It is NJA’s commitment to guide their clients through the process every step of the way. Their knowledge of the industry and genuine desire to help, makes their clients feel like family. The human touch is what sets NJA apart from the rest; they truly care about their clients and their best interests.